The aim for The Yellow Bench is to become a global symbol of having a conversation that matters.

Facilitating these conversations, we like to make the global population more understanding how seeming to be different can easily be understood and overcome by simply having a conversation. It unites people and creates a breeding ground to truly connect people for whoever and wherever they come from.


The yellow bench is a symbol for two relative strangers meeting each other for a real meaningful conversationaround their own challenges and vulnerabilities.

A symbol that stands for the willingness to meet another human being, the ability to open up to each other, for being able to have the courage to have a real conversation and to share emotions with others – seeing behind the difference of gender, religion, race, background or whatsoever. 


The yellow bench is a simple beautiful bench that represents a safe haven to facilitate a meaningful conversation. This conversation is ideally physical but could be supported virtually. 

The Yellow Bench can offer additional programs and services for governmental, profit and non-profit organizations, like:

  • Inspirational talks
  • Mental health programs
  • Veteran programs
  • Leadership programs
  • Personal development programs
  • Community programs and platforms
  • Creative, tailor made concepts